Zero Thickness.

    Packaging into product.
    The development of the vacuum-forming packaging industry and its wide use over the past few years calls for the evolvement of package into product. This possibility is examined through this collection of suggested applications.

    Sabbath candles - A package of one or more candles which also serves as candlesticks.
    Dimension: H: 11 cm W: 15 cm D: 6 cm.
    Flashlight - The components of a flashlight are packaged so as to close an electric circuit. The package becomes the outer shell of the product.
    Dimension: H: 6 cm W: 15 cm D: 3 cm.
    Sharpener – The blade is attached to the lower part of the package. Peeled wood is collected into the upper part.
    Dimension: H: 3 cm W: 6 cm D: 6 cm.
    Materials: Stainless-steel, wood.

    collaboration with Efrat Gomeh.